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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MarineGlo Lights up Eric Olson’s 2010 Promotional Fishing Season

With the start of the 2010 fishing season, I’m looking forward to having some great new sponsors, one of the largest is my boat wrap sponsor. Formerly the Land O Lakes “Butter” boat, it has now become The MarineGlo “Glo” boat!!

This change is extremely exciting for me as it’s a whole new look, all new product and an exciting opportunity for all involved!!!

So, what is MarineGlo anyway? Well, it’s the marine division of the GloTek corporation; a collection of products that glow in the dark! Very cool ideas do into every item in the lineup.
The whole concept started when the company founder John Goedel was walking down the dock at night and badly stubbed his toe on a dock cleat! While sitting in the emergency room a bit later he thought “why cant they make a cleat that can be seen at night? It would give safety, convenience and be practical all in one idea” Hence the start of the GloTek/ MarineGlo company!

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